iPhone 7 rumors: Say good-bye to 16GB version

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We nevertheless have months of iPhone 7 rumors to cope with until Apple CEO Tim prepare dinner takes the stage to reveal off the most modern and finest cellphone, probable someday in September. yes, that may be a long time. but there are such a lot of rumors swirling approximately what Apple is operating on that we decided to place them multi function region and verify whether they seem professional or absurd.

What would you need to look within the iPhone 7? (yes, longer battery life is on our wishlist, too.)

What’s the trendy?
The rumor: Apple is ditching the 16GB base version iPhone at lengthy ultimate, as a minimum consistent with an IHS era analyst. The analyst published on chinese language social media that the bottom version iPhone 7 will start at 32GB of storage area and 2GB of RAM, primarily based on deliver chain studies.

conceivable? We positive desire so. lengthy-time Apple watchers have criticized the employer for years over refusing to drop the 16GB version and forcing customers to select between the paltry base model and a 64GB option, with out a 32GB in between. that is a tale as antique as iPhones. In fact, while iOS eight turned into launched years ago, many 16GB iPhone owners had to pick among offloading some of their apps, photographs, and other documents to improve to the gap-hogging new edition or keep off. Apple made iOS 9 a smaller, smarter improve, with temporary app deletion making the manner simpler. but apps without problems eat up garage space, and Apple has stepped forward its digital camera with stay pictures and 4K video-recording, each of which create massive files. sure, you may take delivery of truth and choose the 64GB version, but it’s loads more high priced. A 32GB base would hit the candy spot and display Apple can change with the instances.

OLED displays at last?
The rumor: Apple’s suppliers are gearing up to interchange to OLED screens, however no longer on this 12 months’s upcoming iPhone. This isn’t a logo-new rumor—analyst Ming-Chi Kuo anticipated a transfer to analog for the 2017 iPhone, which he also thinks will have a tumbler front and back (see “Glass on both facets?” under). however now we have new proof: in keeping with a recent Bloomberg record, applied materials, an Apple provider, has acquired almost 4 instances the amount of orders for its show-making machines. This soar is linked to Apple retooling the iPhone manufacturing procedure to encompass OLED displays within the fall of 2017.

possible? OLED screens are thinner, require much less battery strength, and offer better definition, so it’s very workable that Apple would opt to use them in preference to liquid crystal display. It’s without a doubt unexpected that the iPhone-maker hasn’t made this transfer quicker. And if you were hoping that perhaps 2016’s iPhone 7 could move OLED, it seems there is not enough time within the manufacturing timeline, and the 2017 iPhone will be the soonest we’d see this transfer. according to implemented materials, it takes about 3 quarters for their machines to be construct, added, and installed.

Conflicting images leaks?
The rumor: Forbes mentioned that these leaked photos allegedly depict the iPhone 7 chassis. First published on French tech web site, NowhereElse.fr, the pix endorse that Apple’s drawing close iPhone with have double speakers on the top and the bottom, created quad array audio experience just like the iPad pro. The photos additionally appear to verify, yet again, that the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack. ultimately, this iPhone 7 chassis has the flash repositioned beneath the camera, as opposed to right next to it. but preserve on… in line with any other latest iPhone 7 image leak picked up via 9to5Mac, the flash will stay wherein it’s miles at the 6s. So now we have conflicting rumors. each units of photos, but, do display that Apple has redesigned the antenna lines. rather than horizontal traces, the antenna traces at the iPhone 7 will allegedly be traced along the top and bottom edge of the device.

workable? these conflicting Apple rumors may want to imply some things. both each leaked images are faux, one among them is fake, or both of them are real. in step with Forbes, Apple is thought for growing numerous one of a kind prototypes of its upcoming merchandise to test, so those photos may want to each be depicting early however extraordinary iterations of the iPhone 7. That both of them would leak, but, seems not likely.

Glass on each aspects?
The rumor: don’t forget the iPhone four, encased in glass on both aspects, so you’d have twice as many surfaces that would shatter every time it slipped from your hand? Apple would possibly deliver lower back an all-glass layout in 2017. optimistically it’s a piece extra long lasting this time.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that Apple is making plans a major iPhone remodel for 2017—no longer q4. In a note to buyers, he anticipated an iPhone with a 5.8-inch OLED display that’s encased in glass on each facets, but smaller than the present day iPhone 6s Plus, which means Apple could be trying to cast off as a great deal bezel and “chin” as possible. DisplayMate President Ray Soneira echoed Kuo’s OLED predictions in a current report, mentioning the “fast enhancements” in OLED overall performance over the past six years.

“Apple clearly has no desire in switching,” Soneira stated, because OLEDs are thinner, lighter, extra responsive, and can be curved or bent in approaches that lcd presentations simply can’t.

Kuo also anticipated the all-glass 2017 iPhone could have wireless charging, and some form of biometrics, like face reputation or iris scanning. the house button takes up a variety of area on the present day iPhones, and replacing it with different biometrics for login and Apple Pay (along with deep-contact gestures for exiting apps) may want to permit Apple extend the display screen.

conceivable? In Apple’s ordinary “tick-tock” cycle, the 2016 iPhone would get a remodel, for the reason that present day iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are upgrades to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus designs that released in 2014. but if Apple in reality is switching to OLED, that’s a major shift that would want extra time to perfect. It’ll be interesting to peer what improvements Apple can add in 2016 to make the iPhone appear thrilling despite the fact that the overall design remains the same—a better digital camera and a smart Connector are a start.

clever connector?
The rumor: New images and renderings have surfaced allegedly depicting the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. Quoting the japanese site Mac Otakara, MacRumors pronounced that these photos may be the “real aspect.” The leaked photograph of the iPhone 7 Plus shows a clever Connector, hinting at the possibility of a clever Keyboard. whilst the Mac Otakara document seems to verify preceding rumors the iPhone 7 and seven Plus could have a similar design to the contemporary generation 6s and 6s Plus, the internet site also contests previous reports. most considerably, Mac Otakara refutes the rumor that those new iPhones may have a 2d speaker to create stereo sound.

plausible? Apple has been freeing plenty of add-ons within the previous few months, in particular for the iPad pros. It’s viable the company desires to continue this fashion and adding smart add-ons to the 7 Plus. however, a smart Keyboard shows that the larger iPhone may want to have a few pro-fashion functions, and we’re now not sure if Apple might need to have it compete with the simply-launched nine.7-inch iPad pro.

No headphone jack, really?
The rumor: right here it is: a leaked iPhone 7 case… allegedly! 9to5Mac reported the leaked pics as first published at the @OnLeaks Twitter account. The leaks appear to corroborate some other rumors about the iPhone 7. for example, the case has no longer slot for a 3.5mm audio jack, signaling that Apple is probably pushing for most effective Bluetooth and Lightning-linked headphones. The case also has two similarly sized speaker grills on each aspect of the Lightning port slot, confirming that the iPhone 7 could be the primary to sport audio system for stereo sound. other than that, the purported case points to an iPhone 7 hardware design that’s nearly identical to the iPhone 6s.

viable? the bigger design of the iPhone 6 and 6s lines have verified very a hit for Apple, so we are able to see why the agency could need to play it secure design-clever with the iPhone 7. but this similar layout might not provide enough motives to improve as we’ve seen with previous numbered enhancements. We’re hoping that Apple has greater hardware hints up its sleeve for the iPhone 7.

iphone digicam photo
How does the dual-lens digital camera work?
The rumor: We formerly suggested on the rumor that Apple is trying to deliver a twin-lens digicam to approaching iOS devices. based totally on LinX digital camera technology that Apple received last year, the twin-lens contains a huge-angle lens and a telephoto lens. in line with MacRumors, a current Apple patent indicates for a a cut up-display viewfinder where customers can see the total image inside the huge-perspective lens and zoom in with the telephoto lens. The digital camera might be able to take two separate photos, or use one of the lenses to shoot video and the other to take stills. greater impressively, the digicam could also implement LinX’s era to sew all of it together into one genuinely crisp photo.

manageable? The race for bringing DSLR-nice cameras into smartphones is on. Samsung’s these days-unveiled Galaxy S7 garnered rave critiques for its use of Duo Pixel generation to take photographs. Apple can be feeling the warmth to create an equally-stunning photograph revel in to the iPhone 7. If the twin-lens technology as outlined on this patent involves fruition, it’d assist the iPhone regain its recognition as the first-class camera cellphone in the marketplace.

How thin will the iPhone 7 be?
The rumor: Macotakara mentioned this week that the iPhone 7 can be 6.1mm thick. That’s one whole millimeter thinner than the present day iPhone 6s, which measures 7.1mm. This new thinner model will be accompanied with the aid of a flush rear digicam (so not sticking out) for a design that’s sleeker basic.

doable? If this rumor is actual, Apple seems to be below the affect that thinner is higher. Apple has already made a tool that measures just 6.1mm: the iPod contact. So it makes sense that the corporation could need to try to make the most modern iPhone be simply as thin. optimistically, the iPhone 7 won’t be laid low with any “Bendgate” problems because of this thinner layout.

Will the thinner Lightning port mean I have to get new cables?
The rumor: similarly to disposing of the three.5mm headphone jack to reap this new thinness, the iPhone 7 is rumored to combine a thinner Lightning port. this may now not have an effect on the actual lights cables, however, so that you received’t have to get all new connectors for the iPhone 7. What Apple is doing is truely making the cutout across the port smaller, so it have to only affect case-makers, in keeping with 9to5Mac.

achievable? If Apple is already going insofar as to eliminating the headphone jack, which has already sparked lots of controversy, then a moderate remodel of the Lightning port doesn’t look like a big deal. in particular if our modern-day Lightning connectors will still be capable of hook as much as it.

A second speaker for stereo sound?
The rumor: Macotakara (thru 9to5Mac) also said that the iPhone 7 will have a 2nd speaker, imparting stereo sound. this would make it the first iPhone to accomplish that, as all previous models only have a single mono speaker.

plausible? As iPhone displays are becoming larger, they’ve emerge as extra like leisure devices, used to stream movies and play video games. It makes sense that Apple might want to reinforce the sound satisfactory of the iPhone 7 that allows you to seize as much as the show specifications which have handiest gotten better with every improve.

Any variations between the 7 and 7 Plus?
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The iPhone 7 Plus may have the maximum exquisite smartphone digicam ever.
The rumor: The iPhone 7 Plus could have a higher digicam, to the chagrin of small-handed beginner photographers around the arena. in keeping with MacRumors, the 7 Plus might also have a dual-lens digital camera with optical zoom, this means that this smartphone will take higher snap shots than many traditional cameras. rather than pinching to zoom in digitally, which commonly effects in a terrible grainy photograph, the 7 Plus camera can have an optical zoom. That’s in which the second digital camera lens comes in: It’s basically a zoom lens.

manageable? sure. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have most of the same functions, but the larger cellphone has a small but key difference: optical image stabilization. That function makes use of the Plus’s gyroscope and digital camera array to regular your photos even in case your hand shakes. The 6 and 6s depend upon digicam software to achieve the identical impact, even though the ensuing snap shots aren’t pretty as clean. If the 7 Plus has a dual-lens digital camera with optical zoom, it’d be a massive differentiator—the Plus could end up the phone to beat for critical photographers.

Is that ugly camera lens bulge going away?
The rumor: Apple redesigned the 6 and 6s models to be thinner and lighter than ever earlier than, however there’s one big trouble: The rear-dealing with digicam lens juts out of the frame, so the telephones gained’t sit down flat on a floor. For a business enterprise that’s all about the details, this regarded like a bizarre design selection. The iPhone 7 is reportedly getting a digicam that sits flush towards the phone, in step with MacRumors, so your eyes won’t be indignant to any extent further.

doable? We positive hope so. That camera protrusion needed to happen for a motive, however even Apple layout leader Jony Ive isn’t a fan.

Will the iPhone 7 get a remodel?
iphone 6s inventory
goodbye, antenna bands.
The rumor: other than a slimmer case and flat camera lens, the iPhone 7 will reportedly look just like the 6-collection, with rounded edges and an aluminum frame. however Apple is anticipated to make a small alternate to the lower back: Begone, antenna bands.

manageable? Apple is all approximately sleek design, and the antenna bands that slice throughout the backs of the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus don’t precisely look the exceptional—even though they’re necessary. The company is reportedly retaining the top and bottom area bands, in step with MacRumors.

Is Apple without a doubt ditching the headphone jack?
lightningheadphones primary
An iPhone with out a headphone jack could be at the horizon.
The rumor: The iPhone 7 would possibly ditch one of the few constants in purchaser tech: the three.5mm headphone jack. Why oh why could Apple do this type of component? To make the phone skinny. superb thin. The cellphone will reportedly rely upon its Lightning port to hook up with stressed out headphones (and the whole lot else).

a few humans love the concept. Others hate it. There’s even a petition to convince Apple that humans nevertheless love the headphone jack. That petition has close to three hundred,000 signatures.

potential? Time to invest in a 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac pair of Bluetooth headphones, due to the fact all symptoms factor to yes in this one. reliable Apple intel sites 9to5Mac and MacRumors have posted leaks that imply Cupertino is prepared to do the unthinkable, as has fast corporation. Apple is even developing wireless EarPods (below the Beats brand, of course) to debut alongside the iPhone 7, though now not with the brand new smartphone like it typically does. the ones EarPods are rumored to be absolutely wireless—as in, no twine connecting the two pods to every different. these top class earphones will reportedly aid Siri and permit you to solution phone calls. They’ll ship with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, which is good, because these effective pods possibly received’t ultimate that long on a single rate.

Will the iPhone 7 be water resistant?
The rumor: Making the iPhone thinner than ever and including a DLSR-exceptional digital camera aren’t game-converting sufficient for Apple, seemingly, so the agency is reportedly working on methods to water resistant the iPhone 7. bold? yes. feasible? without a doubt. without a headphone jack to entice water, Apple ought to coat the iPhone with a water-resistant coating and make the ones 0.33-birthday party rugged, water-proof cases obsolete.

manageable? truly, sure. Apple took several steps to water-resistant the iPhone 6s without definitely calling it water-proof, as certain here, and word on the road from humans who’ve accidentally submerged a 6s indicates that those techniques labored. All Apple needs is a few water resistant buttons (which it’s reportedly running on), and that they’re set.