hold your sheet music organized with Gvido E Ink reader

Sheet track can be hard to corral if you do not have a few form of machine. Take it from a high college saxophone participant with a persistent case of disorganization. that’s where the terrifi E Ink tool known as the Gvido comes in.

Created by means of eastern firm Terrada track, the stylish and slender (650 grams, approximately half of of what your MacBook Air weighs) Gvido is comprised of 13.three-inch E Ink displays with 8GB of internal reminiscence and a microSD card slot.

You don’t need to make a large manufacturing out of turning pages like you do with sheet tune, instead using a touch panel on the device to do so effectively. it is also compatible with Wacom pens in case you want to do any unique notation at the song you have in the front of you.

The Gvido’s fee does not seem to had been introduced but, but it is an exciting innovation for musicians and those searching out an opportunity to paper. you may see it in movement in the promotional video below.