iPad Pro 2 Release Date, News & Update: Apple Delays Release In Favor Of iPhone 7? Specs, Features, Price Details Revealed!

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Whether or not you are a fan of Apple, you certainly cannot deny that the iPad Pro 2 is one of the most exciting gadgets of the year. The follow-up to last year’s ultra-successful iPad Pro, iPad Pro 2 will serve as the latest in Apple’s tech line up. While Apple is still mum as to when the highly anticipated gadget will arrive in stores, it looks like the Cupertino, California-based tech conglomerate might be delaying its release in favor of its signature smartphone line.

Apple is said to be prioritizing the roll out of iPhone 7 so it can maximize on the market hole left by Samsung’s pull out of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. According to Expert Reviews UK, it is also possible that Apple will be launching an iPad Pro 2 that is 10.5 inches instead of the current 12.9 inch tabs that are sold in the market.

This reported decision of Apple regarding the iPad Pro 2 release date comes a few days after rival company Samsung had its worst PR disaster yet because of its Note 7 tech issues. According to the Wall Street Journal, the battery issues the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones may have not been detected because the Korean company self-tested the phones itself unlike other firms which hired U.S. certified third party labs to do it.

Apple still has not announced an official release date for iPad Pro 2 but it is rumored it will be released before Thanksgiving to take advantage of the holiday sales bump. GameNGuide will be covering more on updates on the iPad Pro 2 in the coming weeks.

Are you excited to get your hands on the iPad Pro 2 when it gets released? Do you think Apple should delay the availability of iPad Pro 2 for a few months? GameNGuide would love to hear your theories in the comments section. In the meantime, watch this video of the iPad Pro 2 in the video below.

[Source:-Game N Guide]