Google Finally Fixes Pixel 2 Bootloader Issue, Here’s How to Unlock It

Google Finally Fixes Pixel 2 Bootloader Issue, Here's How to Unlock It

Adding to the long list of issues reported on Google’s latest set of Pixel 2 devices was the issue where some users received their units with bootloaders that could not be unlocked. One of the reasons why some Android fans prefer Pixel or previously Nexus devices was the ability to easily unlock their bootloader. The issue seems to have been finally fixed by the company.

For those unaware, having a device with unlocked bootloader is a big advantage for anyone as it allows users to flash custom software without the fear of voiding the warranty on the device. Google’s official issue tracker confirms that the issue has been fixed. The forum post adds that Pixel 2 users facing the bootloader unlocking disabled issue need to reset their device.

For doing a factory reset on your Pixel 2 unit, you need to go to Settings > System > Rest > Erase all data or Factory Reset. The Google forum post clearly says that Pixel 2 units need to be connected to the Internet while the initial setup is done. The disabled bootloader unlocking was reported last week by some Pixel 2 users and seems to have been fixed in time.

Last year, a third-party tool was used for rooting the first-generation Pixel phones as some reports suggested that rooting might be difficult on Pixel phones. A developer developed the tools required for rooting the Pixel smartphones and made the tools and images available for all.