How to get Miitomo in the UK: Miitomo released for iPhone and iPad – Miitomo UK release date, price and features

Nintendo’s first smartphone game is somewhat disappointing for fans. PC Advisor readers had been hoping to see Super Mario, Zelda or Pokemon, but Nintendo has instead introduced Miitomo, which lets you create Mii characters like those found on the Wii and use them to interact with friends. Read on to find out how to play Miitomo on iPhone and iPad in the UK. Plus official Nintendo Miitomo UK release date, price and features. See also: Best games for Android.

Miitomo UK release date, price: When is Miitomo coming out?

Miitomo has now launched on the Japanese App Store for iPhone and iPad, and already has more than a million users.

We now know that it’s going to arrive in the UK on 31 March, so you’ve not got long to wait, but in the meantime see below for instructions on how to download Miitomo in the UK.

How to get Miitomo in the UK: How to download Miitomo from Japanese App Store

Miitomo is in the Japanese App Store, but your iPad or iPhone is likely set to the UK store. It’s so near and yet so far. If you are desperate to play Miitomo now, there are ways to trick the App Store into thinking you’re not in the UK.

The process involves launching iTunes on a desktop and signing out of your account, then scrolling to the very bottom of the page and clicking the Change country link. Choose Japan, then search for and click on Miitomo for either iPhone or iPad.

Tap the Get+ button and you’ll be prompted to sign into your account. Do not enter your UK account details! Instead, click Create new Apple ID, then fill in your details. On the next screen choose None for the payment option, enter a random Japanese address (try a random profile generator for help), then click Create Apple ID. You will be sent a verification email, so head to your inbox and verify the account.