Fullbright Company delays upcoming game, Tacoma into 2017

Fullbright, the developers behind the hit indie game, Gone Home, has announced earlier todaythat their upcoming game, Tacoma, has officially been delayed.
The news comes from the studios blog, where they detailed why they are delaying the game. To summarize the post, check out what they said down below:
So, long story short, we’ve had to push out our original schedule. We’d originally planned mid-to-late 2016, so we’re giving ourselves an additional 6+ months, to land in Spring 2017. We’re currently polishing up a sample of our newly-minted alterations to the core game into something showable that we’ll be showing the world this coming summer.
Thank you again for all your support & commitment to what we do… we can’t wait to show you more of the new face of Tacoma. We’ve got some very exciting stuff in store…
Not much detail of what the game is actually about has been revealed, but it seems to be  another first-person atmospheric exploration game in the same vein of Gone Home –but in space!
Tacoma is now set to release on Xbox One and PC in the Spring of 2017.
[SOURCE :-gamezone]