Frantic: one in five enterprises now release software every day

The pace has become frantic. Continuous software delivery is now the rule for many DevOps teams and their enterprises. A new survey explored the pace of software deliveries by DevOps teams, which definitely occurs several times a month in most cases. More than one in five, 21%, are deploying software more than once a day. Another 40% of respondents say they deploy code a few times every week, and another 28% deploy once every couple of weeks.

Photo: Joe McKendrick

That’s the finding of a survey of 360 DevOps teams, conducted by More than 80% have a continuous integration strategy, are in the process of implementing one, or are considering the possibility. A similar number exists for a continuous delivery strategy.

The survey also examined the role of containers, microservices and cloud in these develop and release efforts. Enterprises are embracing containers and microservices for their IT infrastructures in a big way. However, progress toward cloud computing has been slow-going.

The survey finds 78% working with microservices to some degree. The survey’s authors define microservices as :the newer method of having a hive of independent processes coordinate their functions in real time,” versus more monolithic architectures that characterize IT infrastructures.

The survey also finds that 53% of DevOps managers now use containers in their work. The data shows the use of containers is more prevalent than the cloud, the survey’s authors observe. At this point, more than 40% of respondents have 25% or less of their infrastructure in the cloud. About 30% now have all of their infrastructure in the cloud.

“Transitioning to the cloud is much more difficult than transitioning to containers,” the researchers state, “After all, moving to a public cloud brings up issues of security and more.”

[Source:-ZD net]