Fedora 25 News & Update: New Linux Based Operating Sytem Available Now; Is This Windows 10, Mac OS Killer?

Fedora 25 Workstation - install, update, overviewThe Fedora Project has officially released its new operating system in the market. The open source software Fedora 25 is now available for users to download.

Fedora 25 is the latest operating system based on Linux kernel developed by The Fedora Project community. The software is distributed under a free and open-source license, unlike the Microsoft Windows OS and Mac OS.

The Fedora 25 OS has three editions depending on the specific use. The three editions are the Fedora 25 Atomic Host, Fedora 25 Server and Fedora 25 Workstation. According to Fedora Magazine, the three editions are built with a common set of base packages under the foundation of the Fedora operating system.

The release of Fedora 25 comes with bug fixes, tweaks and enhanced packages which include Docker 1.12, Node.js 6.9.1, Rust support, PHP 7, and multiple Phyton versions. The software features Wayland display severs by default. Wayland display server will be replacing the X11 system after years of development, Softpediareported.

In addition, Fedora 25 sports GNOME 3.22 that is capable of multiple file renaming. The GNOME 3.22 has also redesigned keyboard settings tool and some improvements in user interface. Also, Fedora 25 has included MP3 media format decoding support.

Fedora 25 is easy to install if the computers will be from Windows and OS X. The Fedora Project team has created Fedora Media Writer that will serve as a default download under Windows and OS X. The Fedora Media Writer tool will help prospect Fedora 25 users to download the latest software and have it written on a removable drive, like the USB stick. From the USB, users who downloaded the OS can test it first before installing the live software.

Meanwhile, it will be hard for Windows OS or Mac OS users to fully convert themselves and try the Linux-based OS like Fedora 25. Despite its promising features, popular programs and games that Windows OS and Mac OS enjoy are still difficult to install or does not support Linux. However, the confirmed partnership of Microsoft and Linux Foundation is a big step for any possibility.

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