Endless Legend’s Shifters expansion out on Thursday

Endless Legend Shifters

It seems like only two months and a bit ago that Endless Legend developer Amplitude announced a new expansion, and in a shocking twist, that expansion is out on Thursday April 7. Shifters makes winter a more involved affair, and introduces a new faction, among other stuff. It looks pretty meaty, as detailed on the Ampli-blog here.

Established Endless Legendees will want to read that post for the full lowdown, but here’s a snippet revealing how the new winter works:

“With a new resource to collect around the map during winter, the Pearls of Auriga, players have the opportunity to influence the effects of winter, to gain advantages and hinder their enemies. Factions can spend their pearls to acquire blessings on the Altar of Auriga, a new building that can be built in your city. Winters will have a few surprises in store with the possibility of lakes and seas freezing over to allow passage of troops!”

That new faction, the Allayi, has an “intrinsic relationship” with the pearls, which sounds a bit kinky


[SOURCE :-pcgamer]