Download of the day: Gadwin PrintScreen

Download of the day: Gadwin PrintScreen

Gadwin PrintScreen is a cut above most screen capture tools – not only can it grab the whole screen, the current active window or a manually selected area, it’s also packed with tools to automate the process as much as possible, applying watermarks, formatting and saving the grabs to suit you.

Download Gadwin PrintScreenGadwin PrintScreen is perfect if you’re writing documentation for an app you’ve developed yourself or preparing a software tutorial. You’ll be amazed how much time and effort you can save.

Why you need it

Gadwin PrintScreen can capture your screen in two ways: via the PrintScreen key, or using a small on-screen remote control that’s great for touchscreens. The remote won’t appear in your grabs unless you want it to, and is tucked neatly away at the side of your screen when not in use.

Gadwin PrintScreen’s options let you decide what happens to your grab once it’s captured. You can either see a preview and decide whether to save it or not, or have it saved automatically in your chosen location (try saving them to your Dropbox folder for instant access on any device) and in your preferred format. Files can be named manually as they’re saved, or automatically using your preferred naming format. You can also have grabs sent straight to your printer.

If you want to watermark your grabs, Gadwin PrintScreen can handle that too, without the need for any additional software. Watermarks are fully customizable, with adjustable text, fonts, size, positioning and opacity.

Gadwin PrintScreen can be set to load automatically when you start Windows, and will remember your preferences from your previous session. Just set it up once and you’re ready to go.

Key features

  • Captures the whole screen, active window or custom area
  • Automatic image conversion and resizing
  • Grabs saved to custom location
  • Optional custom watermarks

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