document: Apple to announce iMessage for Android at WWDC

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Apple can be equipped to pop the inexperienced Bubble.

A report from MacDailyNews shows that Apple will unveil an iMessage app for Android at WWDC. The web page references a “a source acquainted with the organisation’s questioning,” though cautions the timing is in flux and an assertion should absolutely come later.

this kind of move is much less the shocker now than it would have been inside the beyond, given that Apple has three official apps in Google Play: Apple music, Beats pill, and pass to iOS (of direction the latter is designed to get you off Android).

There’s already plenty to look forward to at WWDC, however this provides every other layer of intrigue that’s worth watching out for.

Why this topics: Apple can be inquisitive about doing this now that messaging has end up a platform for monetization. fb Messenger is one in all many cross-platform services that now helps bots and bills. Apple is doubtlessly leaving a lot of money on the desk by keeping iMessage proprietary—if now not thru ads, then through bots, man or woman-to-character Apple Pay cash transfers, etc. Plus there’s more competition coming with Google’s Allo later this 12 months, which may additionally have spurred Apple to head all in with the messaging wars.