What can Samsung do to win back the trust of the customers?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, as we all know, has been the most controversial smartphone for the company in its rich mobile history. Given the circumstances involved in its recall, there’s a real lack of trust here. This basically means that Samsung has to gain their trust back if they want to remain relevant in the mobile industry.

Sure, one might write this off as a rare occurrence, but considering the fact that the company had to recall the phone not once, but twice, this cannot be taken lightly. So what can the company do to regain the trust of its customers?

Well, the answer is simple, really. Instead of a simple apology or a refund, the company should actually think big. Because if there’s one thing we know about the mobile industry, it’s that fans and customer loyalty can take you a long way. Without them, you might as well be just another new company.

So what do we mean when we say think big? Well, how about offering a refund for the smartphone plus a pair of premium headphones like the Gear IconX? We see a missed opportunity from Samsung here, something which could hurt them deeply in the future.

As customer service expert Jay Baer mentions, Samsung could also try sending out a coupon code or a gift card for a large value, thus earning the loyalty and the respect of its customers.

Samsung is yet to comment on the state of the users who purchased and returned their Galaxy Note 7. No sign of goodwill has been made public as of yet.

[Source:-Tech rader]