This bundle of Mac apps is on sale just in time for the holidays

Get your app for that.

If you’ve ever had the inkling that you’re wasting all the potential that your Apple computer has to offer, fear not: The Black Friday Mac Bundle will help you get the most out of your Mac with access to applications like PDF Expert — a Mac App Store essential — and Roxio Toast Titanium.

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The best part? While Mac products’ price tags are known to strike fear into the hearts (and wallets) of consumers everywhere, this bundle is budget-friendly at less than $40.

Here’s some of what’s included:

PDF Expert 2.2 for Mac ($59.99 value)

Are you accustomed to pulling out your hair every time someone sends you a PDF to sign? This award-winning app will completely change the way you work with PDFs on your Mac, allowing you to edit, annotate, merge, share, and password-protect PDFs with an ease. Plus, you can get all the included apps for less than the cost of just this app. Yup, it’s a Mac miracle.

Roxio Toast 16 Titanium ($99.99 value)

This digital media suite has just gotten a serious facelift, offering exclusive extras like a MultiCam Capture feature, additional software integration, and Blue-ray burning capabilities on a brand new interface. If you want to capture video from your screen or go digital with your old DVD collection, Roxio Toast is the answer.

Default Folder X 5 ($34.95 value)

Make sure your Mac works just as efficiently as you do by using this highly rated app to quickly preview, tag, rename, save, compress, delete, or add comments to your files.



WALTR 2 for Mac ($39.95 value)

This app takes the hassle out of file transfers between your phone and computer by removing iTunes and external apps from the equation completely. Simply connect it to your computer to start sharing any music, ringtones, videos, PDF, and ePUB files between your devices with a newfound effortlessness.

Flux 7 ($99 value)

Want to code a little? Want to code a lot? Don’t want to code at all? This user-friendly HTML and CSS designing tool features a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) engine that can accommodate your individual preferences and skill set, helping you easily create a working website fast.

Stylizer 7 ($79 value)

No CSS design know-how? No problem. With Stylizer 7’s innovative code grid format, you can edit CSS in real time and design beautiful, functional, and responsive websites without having to learn all sorts of technical mumbo-jumbo.



Art Text 3 ($29.99 value)

Create professional-quality badges, logos, cards, flyers, and presentations with the help of this graphic design software and all of its unique, customizable presets and effects. It’s like Word Art on steroids, basically.

Instead of going through the hassle of buying each of these apps and software programs individually (and setting yourself back nearly $500), simply pop over to the Mashable Shop to purchase lifetime access to The Black Friday Mac Bundle for only $39. For a limited time, you can take an additional 15% off that already-stellar price if you use the coupon code GIFTSHOP15 — but only if you act before the biggest shopping day of the year arrives.