The Best Video Game And Gaming Deals For Prime Day 2018

It’s Amazon Prime Day 2018, an annual tradition where the ubiquitous online retailer cuts prices on a just about everything you could imagine, from shoes to food and, since we’re here, electronics and games. Prime Day is a great time to pick up all sorts of stuff in the gaming world, whether that means consoles, software, accessories, storage, TVs or anything else. So let’s dive into it: deals are going live right now, and they’ll continue to do so throughout the day. So let’s look at some of the best deals in video games and gaming for Prime Day 2018. This post will be updated as more go live.

A note: you should go to to do all of your Prime Day shopping. The prices and everything else are the same, but a portion of your purchase price will go towards helping a charity of your choice.

Xbox One S 1 TB With Rare Replay, 229.99: This isn’t the best deal we’ve ever seen on an Xbox One S bundle by a little bit, but it’s far from terrible. Rare Replay is the sort of thing that will mostly appeal to nostalgic gamers or just fans of retro stylings, but it’s great for them: it’s a collection of 30 games from the golden age of Rare, with some excellent titles in the mix. Other than that, it’s hard to go wrong buying either an Xbox One or a PS4 in 2018: the price is right and there are a ton of great games in features. If you don’t have one yet, go for it.


Sandisk 128 gb microsd memory card, 23.88: If you have a Nintendo Switch, you want this memory card. The onboard storage for the Switch is pretty anemic, but augment it a little bit and you can be toting a giant number of excellent games you can play at the drop of a hat. This is one of those items you don’t ever want to pay full price for, because it goes on sale so often. This is still one of the best prices I can remember seeing. You could also use it for other stuff, one supposes.

Super Mario Odyssey.CREDIT: NINTENDO

Nintendo Switch+20 eShop Gift Card+64 gb micro sd card, $299.99: If you still don’t have a Switch, you can’t afford not to with this one. It’s not a true discount on the base hardware, but it counts when you consider that you’ll need a game to make any use of your new console and that those $20 can get you part of the way there. And as I mentioned above, a micro sd card will make the whole Switch experience a lot smoother.

New 3DS XL SNES Edition+Super Mario Kart for SNES, $149.99: The Switch gets all the attention these days, but the 3DS remains an excellent portable console with a ton of great games. And you could do a whole lot worse than picking up these SNES-styled SKU along with the Super Mario Kart.