Alphacool declares ‘Eiszapfen’ brief connect Couplings

Water cooling is a popular manner for computer lovers to cool their systems. The greater cooling capability of liquid cooling regularly permits for greater aggressive overclocking, and a custom open-loop water cooling system may be made into a work of artwork, however while you need to swap out a component, they can be a real problem. Alphacool’s new Eiszapfen quick join Couplings are supposed to remove the want to drain your complete loop for a single issue swap.
The Eiszapfen brief join Couplings are the present day entry to Alphacool’s premium “Eis” collection. The corporation stated these top rate quick connects are designed to be “used anywhere wherein expandability, flexibility and cleanness play an essential position.” They feature G1/four threading on every cease, so that you can add any fashionable becoming of your preference.

Aphacool additionally said that many brief disconnects restrict drift rate, however the Eiszapfen are designed to offer a high drift price. The employer has also implemented N.D.S.L. era (no drip, no splash, no leak) into the Eiszapfen short connect Couplings, which boast a double O-ring seal and a lockout that stops fluid from escaping.
The Alphacool Eiszapfen short connect Couplings are sold in two extraordinary finishes, chrome and deep black, and they are to be had thru the Aquatuning internet site for $23.10.