2018 iPhone Charger With 18W Fast Charging Support, USB-C Port Leaked in Renders

2018 iPhone Charger With 18W Fast Charging Support, USB-C Port Leaked in Renders

It was already reported that Apple is planning to launch the 2018 iPhone lineup bundled with fast charging-supported adapters and Lightning cables. But now, some renders have emerged on the Web that detail the design of the new fast charging-supported charger that will be bundled with the new iPhone models. The leaked renders suggest that the Cupertino company is planning to offer a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box of the upcoming handsets to enable a fast charging out of the box. All this is contrary to what the 2017 iPhone lineup offered as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X provide fast charging support via accessories that customers need to purchase separately.

The renders, courtesy ChargerLab, show the alleged 18W charger that Apple may bundle with the 2018 iPhone family. The charger has an European plug and a USB Type-C input. The availability of the USB Type-C input will enable fast charging – as fast as 50 percent of charge in about 30 minutes – and will be complemented with a USB Type-C to Lightning cable. Also, the charger has a rounded oblong-shaped design that appears to be much smaller than the square block design of the optional Apple charger that has a USB Type-C input and offers fast charging on iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It is a necessity for Apple to make the fast charging-supported charger smaller than the optional solution as it needs to be fitted inside the box of the new iPhone models.

Presently, the iPhone maker is bundling a charger with USB Type-A socket that is rated at 5W, while some iPad models have so far debuted with up to 12W chargers. This shows how fast the new charger would be in comparison to the previous bundled iPhone charging solutions.

The information about the new charger is claimed to be obtained from a source inside the production line. Also, the European plug on the renders suggests that apart from offering the new experience in the US, Apple is designing its fast charging accessories for global markets, including the UK and India. It was previously reported that Apple could open up the standard for fast charging and allow its MFi partners to start manufacturing compatible cables sometime in 2019. This will give more options to customers buying new iPhone models.

If we believe some previous rumours, Apple will offer larger batteries on the 2018 iPhone models in addition to offering fast charging technology. The iPhone X successor is speculated to have a battery ranging between 2900mAh and 3000mAh battery, while the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus could come with an even bigger battery. Moreover, the new iPhone family could also come with wireless charging support.