Windows or Mac: What Do Gadgets 360 Writers Prefer?

Windows or Mac: What Do Gadgets 360 Writers Prefer?

The spotlight may be shining bright on smartphones, but if you look around you, computers are still relevant devices that most of us use for work and play. For some, it might be due to the precision of controlling an interface using a mouse and a keyboard, or maybe there are specific applications available only on a computer. Maybe it just might be the familiarity of using something you’ve grown up with. Whatever the case, if you’re using a computer, there’s a 99 percent chance you’re using one of the three popular operating systems. It’s common knowledge that Windows captures over 90 percent of the computer market. According to NetMarketShare, Macs account for about 6 percent and Linux at about 2 percent.

So, what do the tech-savvy writers of Gadgets 360 prefer? You’ve already heard their preference on smartphone operating systems, now check out why they use either Windows or macOS.

Gopal Sathe (Windows) — I’ve used an iMac from time to time, but more than 90 percent of my PC use has been on first DOS, and then Windows, from 3.1.1 and onwards. It’s been a journey – and not all of it good – but at this point, the level of familiarity I have with Windows, with its shortcuts and settings, makes my preference clear. Though it might be Stockholm Syndrome.
Rohan Naravane (Mac) — I’ve been a Mac user since the last six years, and there are many peculiar things that keep me hooked. The accuracy of the large, smooth trackpad lets me perform multi-touch gestures with ease, improving my workflow. The aluminium enclosure makes the laptop sturdy as a tank. Battery life on the newer Macs is among the best you can get in a laptop. The Retina Display drastically improves readability of text. Macs with SSDs are blazing fast. The Mac App Store, although not as thriving as the one on iOS, has a fair share of utilitarian apps.

Rishi Alwani (Mac and Windows) — I’ve been a Windows PC user for most of my life, tied to it because of gaming. But when I ended up with a Mac mini a few year ago, that all changed. I didn’t have to deal with the general clunkiness of Windows which was a boon in itself. There was less mucking about to get things done, and more getting things done. I still use a Windows PC though, again, for gaming. And to be honest, the constant stream of updates is a complete pain to deal with. Sure I can switch them off, but they’re necessary to make use of Microsoft’s games that are on the Windows Store (Gears of War 4 in 4K is glorious). If Apple ever decide to take PC gaming seriously, I’ll switch to macOS completely in a heartbeat Till then, I’ll be using both. Windows PC for play, and macOS for work.

Roydon Cerejo (Windows) — I’ve always used a Windows PC right from my school days so it’s just something I’m very familiar with. Another major reason for sticking to it was that all the good gaming titles were built for this platform. If you ask me today, I would be perfectly happy using a Mac too, but given a choice I’d still stick with Windows due to the familiarity with programs. Plus, the thrill of building your own custom system never gets old.

The Microsoft Surface Book
Gagan Gupta (Mac and Windows) — Windows is my OS of choice because of gaming and the overall control it offers, though I prefer using it only on PCs I build or configure myself. On laptops, I prefer macOS, but that’s only because I feel the MacBook Air is the perfect work laptop for me. However, Microsoft Surface PCs seem like a better option these days.

Abhinav Lal (Windows) — As a gamer, I need not explain why I prefer a Windows machine. Beyond the crucial compatibility issue, I find Windows to be more conducive to productivity than macOS – an example being a feature like Split View only recently making its way into Apple’s platform. And even when Windows doesn’t natively support a feature, in most cases, there are a few hundred apps that can enable it in a fashion. Windows has served me well till date, and I don’t see a reason to switch in the near future.
Pranay Parab (Mac and Windows) — I’m just as happy using macOS as I’m with Windows. For me hardware makes all the difference. Apple’s laptop hardware is pretty stable and reliable – I’ve had no trouble since I switched to a MacBook Air, but most Windows laptops in the market are quite mediocre. You can easily install Windows 10 on Apple hardware, or just build your own PC to run Windows – I’m happy with either choice. But I can’t deal with random slowdowns, freezes, and crashes in OEM-built Windows laptops so I am against buying those.

Ravi Sharma (Windows) — Windows has been my usual operating system across my school and work life, though I did use Macs every once in awhile. The familiarity with the software, open nature of the platform (relative to macOS), and an inherent unwillingness to be sucked up in Apple’s ecosystem have made me a regular Windows user, which I see continuing at least in the near future.

Sanket Vijayasarathy (Mac and Windows) — I’ve been a Mac user for almost year now. The transition from a Windows to Mac wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined. It’s the little things that made working with the Mac a delight, like the multi-gesture trackpad, a simple UI with solid performance, and seamless connectivity with my iPhone. All that coupled with a good looking aluminium casing and a long battery life did the trick for me. I’ve been a Windows person for the most part of my life but the past year with the Mac has been equally great, if not better.

Jamshed Avari (Windows) — Having used both as my primary platform for years, I have to say I choose Windows whenever possible. I find it easier to work with and manage, especially when it comes to heavy multitasking. Windows 10 has a ton of little improvements that I’m now used to, and its shortcuts are just second nature. That said, as more of my life goes online and more apps run within a browser, the underlying platform makes less of a difference than ever.

Akhil Arora (Windows) — Here’s the thing – the only way to use macOS has been to buy into Apple’s hardware ecosystem, which always fares poorly in the specs-vs-pricing aspect, even up against premium Windows OEM partners. And in my long-term experience with the two, I’ve found using Windows to be smoother and more flexible, to a degree that Apple would never be comfortable with its software. Then there’s gaming. As the followers of R’hllor would say it, there’s only one true God. I mean choice.

The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
Devika Chitnis (Mac) — I like my work canvas simple, clean, efficient, and elegant. I don’t like things cluttered when I need to get things done. macOS is the former and Windows is the latter for me. I have lived the majority of my working life on a Windows laptop or desktop. It’s been a year since I have moved to Mac and I love it. I don’t want too many customisations and options and drop down menus and tabs. The OS is supposed to work for me and not the other way around. Yes, Microsoft has tried to fix it with colours and simpler functions. Still, it’s not where i would like it to be. So for now it’s Mac for me.

Kunal Dua (Mac) – It’s the apps. I’ve been using Mac OS X – as it was called back then – since 2004, when I spent literally all the money I’d saved to buy a 15″ PowerBook G4. I grew up using DOS and Windows, and until 2012, my ‘day job’ forced me to use the latter. But I find myself a lot more productive on a Mac, and while many tiny things – the keyboard that only Lenovo’s X series can match, the build quality, the trackpad – contribute, ultimately it comes down to the apps. I’ve used my fair share of apps on both platforms and there are no good Windows equivalents for TextMate, iA Writer, Acorn, Fantastical, and many other apps that I use on an everyday basis. Since I was a developer in a previous lifetime, I also love the ability to just dive into the Unix shell and hack a script together in no time, something Windows can’t match.

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