Will.i.am is back with another weird gadget

These days, musician is pretty far down on Will.i.am’s resume. The lead Black Eyed Pea has been kicking around the halls of CES a bunch over the past several years with a series of often odd takes on various consumer electronic categories.

Remember the foto.sosho, the $475 iPhone camera case he launched with the guy who made the JooJoo/Grid 10? Or how about that giant Puls smart bracelet? Not to mention the countless partnerships and investments the rapper/producer has taken part in over the years, with everyone from Apple to 3D printing company, 3D Systems.

The mogul’s latest offering is pretty classic Will.i.am. The i.am Buttons are Bluetooth headphones with a giant disc attached that sit outside the ear when in use. Inspired by the design of vinyl records, the things look a bit like a pair of metal bolts – though they do have the added bonus of snapping together magnetically when around the wearer’s neck.


Here’s what he had to say to The Times about the process behind heir creation. “You know, we all love buying shoes to match our outfits and bags to match our outfits, but for some reason we don’t expect our technology to match our outfit. Why not? Why should we just accept that? What I want to do is change that.”

So the headphones (or rather, their buttons) will be available in four colors when they launch tomorrow in Apple stores at $230 a pop, designed to match the new iPhone. His own store will offer up additional non-Apple colors, as well.