Tokyo 42 has the prettiest criminal underworld

Grime, blood and decay: these are images that accompany the sentence “an action game inspired by Syndicate and GTA1”, no? No indeed. Tokyo 42 looks more Mirror’s Edge than Grand Theft Auto, perhaps by way of Hitman Go.

Developed by SMAC and published by Mode 7, the developer of Frozen Synapse, Tokyo 42 looks to be an assassination game in miniature. That’s not to speculate on its length, but in reference to its delightfully tiny world. It’s like shooting up a Where’s Wally* scene to cracking electronica. From the trailer, the open world combines gentle platforming with disguise appropriation to present a host of possibilities.

There’s multiplayer too. If it’s anything like Assassin’s Creed or Spy Party, in which you have to pinpoint your real human target using subtle tells, it’ll be a pleasure to play (and fail at). Sadly, we have to wait till 2017 to find out.

Tokyo 42

*Where’s Waldo? More like Who’s Waldo, am I right?

[SOURCE :-pcgamer]