The Rock needs you to wake up and scent what he’s cookin’

it is able to be hard to get up and going in the morning, in particular on Mondays. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has no trouble in the motivation branch, and the actor/pro wrestler is looking to assist along with your morning ordinary. The Rock Clock is an alarm app that permits you to enter dreams you’re operating to attain so that you can awaken with some motivation from The Rock himself. there’s over 20 alarms too pick out from, ranging from the sound of a series saw to songs and ordinary clock sounds voiced by using Johnson.

If you want to set your alarm a few minutes early so you can hit the snooze button some times, this app will ruin you of that addiction as it does not provide a snooze function. Why? “The Rock isn’t always partial to the snooze button.” Understood. For folks that are honestly trying to get a head begin on matters, you may pick out to awaken with The Rock… at 4:15 AM. He without a doubt likes the early-morning aerobic.

As you faucet through the screens of the app, entering dreams and what no longer, The Rock is there to provide encouragement with “you obtain this” or “it is on” and other terms. Rock Clock additionally guarantees “special video messages” from Johnson, the primary of which became captured from his telephone while he drove down the road. He says he’s going to be checking in often, so allow’s desire he unearths a more secure time to deliver these updates. in case you’re seeking out some brought motivation, the loose alarm clock app is to be had for iOS and Android now.