New Mac Pro release date rumours UK | Mac Pro 2016 tech specs: Kaby Lake processors expected at March 2017 Mac Pro update

When will Apple release a new Mac Pro? And what new features, specs and design changes should we expect when Apple updates the Mac Pro line for 2016? Is there any chance Apple will discontinue the Mac Pro instead of updating it?

Apple’s Mac Pro line-up could do with an update. The current Mac Pro model was announced at WWDC in June 2013 and, for a top-of-the range system, the Mac Pro is looking pretty long in the tooth. But when will Apple announce a new Mac Pro? And what hardware improvements, design changes, tech specs and new features will we see in the new Mac Pro for 2016? (Or 2017, or…)

There’s some good news for expectant Mac Pro fans: code in Mac OS X El Capitanhints that a new Mac Pro (one with 10 USB 3 ports) could arrive soon. But nothing is certain at this point, and some pundits believe the Mac Pro should simply be discontinued.

Whatever the future holds for the Mac Pro, in this article we will be looking at all the rumours surrounding the next update of the Mac Pro line: the new Mac Pro’s UK release date and pricing, its expected design, and the new features and specs we hope to see in the next version of the Mac Pro.

Updated on 6 December 2016 to discuss the chances of a new Mac Pro appearing in March; and on 15 November with updated processor rumours

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New Mac Pro 2016 release date & new features rumours UK: Launch date

The present Mac Pro was unveiled at WWDC 2013, and it’s been three years since it went on sale. It’s about time, then, for an update to the Mac Pro. Of course, Apple hasn’t announced an official launch date for the next generation of Mac Pro systems – the company is known for its code of silence when it comes to upcoming product launches.

We had entertained hopes of a Mac Pro update at Apple’s 27 October press event, but no such luck. In the event Apple unveiled a new MacBook Pro instead: a rather lovely new laptop with a customisable touch bar above the keyboard. (You can read more about that device here – New MacBook Pro 2016 review – and here: New MacBook Pro on Apple Store.)

Despite the lack of news about the new Mac Pro at Apple’s 27 October press event, we remain optimistic that Apple will refresh the line in the near future. A few months back a source at one of Apple’s partner companies confidently told us to expect this by the end of November, which was evidently wishful thinking; but it seems likely that March 2017 will see the Mac Pro updated alongside other Apple products. (However, we suspect the update will only feature updated internal components and not a full-blown re-design of the Mac Pro.)

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