how to keep your pc cooooool

The Cool computer

nicely summer time has arrived and that someday effects your laptop (nicely in India its like 35°c~40°c and in the center east its like 50°~60°,ouch..)

something…….. each dude wants to maintain his laptop cool and quiet

however when that dude goes out he is gonna scratch his head till his hair is gone (this is no longer the case for bald human beings. Heeee heeee)

well there are numerous varieties of laptop coolers.Liquid,Air,Closed Loop,bla,bla…………………..bla

so that dude would possibly get pressured (and dont forget about the hair loss)

And additionally there are many styles of cpu sockets. so that dude is realy in some severe nutty state of affairs (properly thats the case if his laptop runs at 70°c~80°c, aaaaaaaaoooooouch ,and he is in want of a great laptop cooling)

looks as if i’m exaggerating,ah never mind…….

So right here are a few guidelines for all of the cool dudes who are inclined to make their pc coooool

FOR THE cabinet

properly,the cabinet(case,tower) requires some accurate cooling so,

1)make certain that the air receives inside and out as rapid as feasible,thats the call of the game
2)There should be a good location for the stream of the air
three)prevent settling of dirt on and in the cabinet
4)easy your computer often
five)while shopping for pick out a tower with an awesome area inner


1)a primary warmness source……CPUs primarily require air cooling,stock coolers to be precise. but when overclocking liquid cooling is usually recommended
2)As stated above save you dust settlement. try to clean ur CPUs heatsinks (huge metallic chunks u see on pinnacle of ur cpu)
three)also easy the fan if viable dust also settles there
four) practice a small quantity of thermal paste before solving the cooler. Do no longer observe too much or too much less thermal paste
five)while ur in for liquid cooling make sure that the radiator has an excellent area for airflow
6)Liquid coolers like NZXT Kraken X61,Crosair H100i,Noctua NH-D15,etc are superb

FOR GPU (photos CARD)

1)nicely the graphics card is a workhorse pumping pixels everytime u play video games and u should sure anticipate it to come to be real hot so cooling is critical
2)again prevent settling of dirt
three)And as i instructed above easy the heatsinks and fanatics and apply thermal paste
four)There is not a number of custom cooling options to be had for pics except water blocks. EK water blocks are the nice

SO it truly is IT………DUDES. THIS recommendations gets UR computer RUN COOOOOOOL

And there will be no hair loss (heee heee heee 🙂
If it works plz thank me