iOS 10 dev beta 8/Public Beta 7 now available

ios 10 3d touch notifications

We’re starting to sense a pattern here. Last week, Apple released an iOS 10 beta. On Friday, Apple updated the beta again, so maybe we’re in for Friday updates. In any case, iOS dev beta 8 and Public Beta 7 is available for download.

Before installing any OS update, back up you data first. To get the update, go to the Settings app and run Software Update on your iOS device. If you’re not a developer, the only way you can get the beta is to join the Apple Public Beta Program.

Apple also released tvOS beta 7 to developers.

This is a good opportunity to remind iOS 9 users to update their iOS. The 9.3.5 update has important security patches. Apple told Ars Technica that the same security patches were including in iOS 10 dev beta 7/Public Beta 6.

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