Hello, Kitty? This Not-So-Smart Phone is Adorable

Tired of 6-inch phablets and hyper-powerful flagship phones? Perhaps something cuter is in order. If you happen to live in Japan, this official — and officially kawaii (that’s “cute”) — dumbphone shaped like Hello Kitty might be just the ticket.

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The list of features is refreshingly small, just like the phone itself. The 1.5-inch, 240×240 pixel screen might not be good for watching Netflix, but it’ll serve for dialing and sending texts. Don’t expect to take any selfies, though: there’s no front-facing camera. For that matter, there’s no rear camera, either!

The fact is this is more of a toy or a kid’s first phone than anything tech-savvy grown-ups would consider. For the $100 this will set you back in Japan, you could pick up a budget smartphone — but it wouldn’t be nearly as cute.


[SOURCE :-nbcnews]