Griffin wallet Case assessment: A lightweight substitute for your wallet

griffin wallet case iphone 6 03
For the ones looking for an ultra-sleek pockets case, Griffin’s pockets Case (iPhone 6 and 6s; $forty thru Griffin) may simply might healthy the invoice. you may need to positioned up with a specific set of quirks that include its design, even though.

design & Use
offering a minimalist folio design, the pockets Case gives credit card slots to be used. The credit card slots are instead tight, and it is able to be difficult to absolutely get your playing cards out without some effort. (at the plus side, it’s far much less possibly your playing cards will slip out while you don’t need them to.)

The wallet Case’s cowl doesn’t offer a closure to keep it securely closed, so in case you’re not slipping it right into a pocket, you may find it has flapped open in your bag. That does suggest that your iPhone will be uncovered to keys and other sharp objects that might scratch its display screen.

you may use the case to prop your iPhone up in panorama orientation, even though the indoors may be very slippery. As a result, your iPhone will generally tend to shift around pretty a chunk and fall over on the slightest motion.

except being slippery at the internal, the wallet Case additionally feels slick on the outside. in case you attempt to relaxation your iPhone on an uneven floor or use it with sweaty arms, be careful—you could without difficulty lose your grip on your cellphone.

The wallet Case also doesn’t offer quite as a good deal protection to your smartphone, since it secures using an open cradle design. The corners and facets on the pinnacle half of your iPhone are left unprotected.

bottom line
The enchantment of the pockets Case is in how ethereal it feels: It’s one of the lightest cases we examined. So if you could live with a few drawbacks, and don’t need to carry a whole lot with you to pay for things, it works properly as an inexpensive alternative on your pockets. in case you couple it with a nice display protector and make sure a secure vicinity for it while you’re at the cross, it can be a first-rate choice for someone who heartily dislikes bulk.