Fashion artist Kerrie Hess turns to Microsoft Surface Pro 4 as new canvas

FASHION illustrator Kerrie Hess, known for her almost minimalist water colours, is a self-confessed analog artist embracing the digital way.

Hess is promoting the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Fresh Paint app as part of the events to mark the opening of the Microsoft flagship store in Sydney, only the second flagship store for the tech giant alongside its high-profile New York address.

On Thursday November 12, the first wave of Microsoft store customers will see Hess working in the store window, using the new Surface Pro 4 and the Fresh Paint app to work on paintings that started out with a tradition brush and paints.

New technology ... The Surface Pro 4. Picture: Mark Von Holden/Microsoft via AP

New technology … The Surface Pro 4. Picture: Mark Von Holden/Microsoft via APSource:AP

Hess says when the software giant asked her to be involved in promoting the new tablet, she first wanted to see if the digital pen and tablet was up to the job of mimicking the real thing.

“My background is definitely working as an analog artist, using paintbrushes in a very organic way,” she said.

“I was definitely converted that this is a pretty amazing product.

“The thing that surprised me the most was that you could actually in the app change what kind of paint you are working with. You can select a water colour effect, or an oil colour effect or an acrylic paint effect.

“When you layer upon layer with those different types of paints, the paints actually interact as they would in real life.”

Microsoft will use the store opening to launch the Surface Pro 4, the new Surface Book laptop and its new wearable fitness device, the Microsoft Band 2.

The flagship store will give people a chance to try out Microsoft products and seek technical advice, with staff coming from 10 countries and speaking 21 languages.

The launch day events include fitness demonstrations with the Microsoft Band 2 and a Jesse J concert, with tickets available for the first 750 customers.

The store, on Pitt Street Mall, will open at midday on Thursday November 12 with customers expected to line up from 10pm the night before. Details about the opening are at


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