Facebook Messenger Dropboxes the mic for easy file sharing

Facebook Messenger Dropboxes the mic for easy file sharing

Not content to let Facebook’s new chatbots do all the talking on Messenger, today it was announced that the Facebook platform would share a deeper integration with file-sharing service Dropbox.

While Messenger has always offered the ability to share photos and video from your phone directly, the new integration will allow you to instantly share files stored on your Dropbox account via the platform, without leaving the chat window.

What’s more, sharing photos and videos will automatically show the image, rather than just a link. For anybody with their entire photo library backed up to the cloud platform, this will help simplify sharing in a big way.

This announcement is the latest in a long list of third party integrations for the messaging platform, from hiring an Uber to sharing Spotify tracks.

To link your Dropbox account with Messenger, you’ll need the most recent version of both apps on iOS or Android. From there, you’ll be able to access Dropbox files from the More option in Messenger.


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