An easy way to filter spam

How often have you found yourself answering annoying promotional calls or one of those pesky spam calls while on vacation? And if this vacation happens to be an international one, then you’ve also probably had to pay through your nose in roaming charges. All for a call that was completely non-essential. But with a plethora of apps out there, filtering unwanted calls is now a breeze. Here are a few apps you might want to check out.

Airtel Call Manager

The latest one to join the bandwagon, this app lets you manage your calls with your current status. For instance, if you’re one of those gym rats, then you can set that as your profile. Or if you want to avoid work-related calls while on leave, then you can set On Leave as your status and let the app do the rest. Callers will hear the profile announcement and you will receive an SMS alert. The app also lets you add unwanted numbers to block those annoying callers, especially the spam ones. With profiles like Driving, On Holiday, In a Meeting and On Leave, the app can be a god send. The only hitch — the app only works for Airtel subscribers.

Call Guard

As the name suggests, the app works towards flexible call blocking and routing. It also blocks outgoing calls, so you can protect your phone from being misused when it is left unattended. Furthermore, it lets you password-protect the entire app, so nobody else can tamper with settings you’ve specified. The app also offers different templates for numbers and area codes to block or divert a group of numbers.

Data Usage – Call Timer Pro

This app is perfect if you want to cut short those long-winding calls. You can use the app to set automatic hangups for selected calls. The app also affords you the flexibility to set automatic alerts that make your phone vibrate mid-call to help you end those unending phone conversations that you are trying to escape.

BlackBaller Call and SMS Manager

This is a really useful auto-reply app for SMSes and incoming calls. With a host of unique features, this app lets you create action-based filters and schedule them to activate at specific times of the day. It also features an event logging module that can be password-protected. And it doubles up as an answering machine as well.

[Source:-The Hindu]