Cyanide’s name of Cthulhu receives gloomy E3 trailer

developers are obsessed on Lovecraft’s ‘cosmic horror’ mythos in the meanwhile, but just a few are heading directly to the supply, making video games based totally on actual Lovecraft tales (or, in this situation, a game based on a pen-and-paper RPG based totally on an actual tale). Styx developer Cyanide is the modern day developer to make a game titled call of Cthulhu, and this one’s an “RPG-investigation name, packed with psychological horror and stealth mechanics”.

“gamers will manage Edward Pierce, a former veteran and private investigator in Nineteen Twenties Boston. Pierce could be investigating the tragic and mysterious loss of life of Sarah Hawkins and her circle of relatives in Darkwater Island. the game’s E3 Trailer showcases this stressful Island and the eerie Hawkins family Mansion, and offers a glimpse at how the intensity of the investigation will slowly start chipping away at your Sanity.”

you spot how ‘Sanity’ has an uppercase S there? meaning it’s a game mechanic, some thing this is explained a bit in addition on in that YouTube trailer’s descriptive text:

“insanity and the Cthulhu Mythos have long been entwined – as your research brings you towards Cthulhu’s sphere of affect, insanity will step by step engulf your senses, leaving you to an increasing number of question what’s real and what’s illusory.”

don’t assume any rainbows, basically, except they are dread eldritch rainbows that incite insanity in all people who lays eyes on their unknowable hues. but, do expect name of Cthulhu in 2017, which is whilst the game is scheduled to hit pc and consoles.