M-Cli Adds Plain Language Controls to Your Mac’s Command Line

Playing around with settings in Terminal is a time honored tradition amongst tinkerers, but that doesn’t make any of those commands any less obtuse. M-cli is a tool that provides you with several plain language commands for common actions.

M-cli is all about making basic administrative tasks a little simpler. To that end, you can pull up data or change behavior of utilities like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and tons more with simple commands, like “m bluetooth status” to check the status of Bluetooth or “m finder showhiddenfiles” to show hidden files. This makes remembering commands a heck of lot easier, especially if you don’t use them all the time. To install M-cli, you’ll either need Homebrew set up or do the manual installation. You’ll find the full list of available commands for M-cli over on its GitHub page.