Save up to £270 on a new Mac plus get free Beats headphones – if you’re a student or teacher

Apple is offering some great deals on new Macs during the Back to School period. If you’re looking to buy a new Mac for school, college or university then there are some pretty good offers. And they’re available for teachers and other staff, too.

Shop at the Apple Store for Education and  you can save up to £270 on a new Mac, and up to £59 on a new iPad.

You can trade in your current Mac and get up to £845 for your current one.

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Education pricing is available to current and newly accepted university students, parents buying for university students, and teachers and staff at all levels.

For UK students, check out the back to school websiteStudents in the US should visit Apple’s back to school website

Make sure you bookmark our Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages for later in the year!

Get free Beats headphones

Students can also get a free set of Beats wireless headphones when you buy  any new MacBook, the iMac or Mac Pro (don’t buy the Mac Pro as it’s getting replaced soon).

The 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad