Pizza Hut Is Testing Mac and Cheese Pizza at These Locations

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Pizza Hut has launched two different mac and cheese stuffed crust pizzas in its United Kingdom locations.

Both pizzas start with a stuffed crust pizza and then differentiate in terms of toppings. The first type is “The Classic One,” which covers the stuffed crust with béchamel sauce, macaroni, cheese sauce, a triple cheese blend and crispy onions. The other pizza is “The BBQ One,” which replaces the béchamel sauce with barbecue sauce.

The pizzas are built for sharing, according to a Pizza Hut press release. They cost £21.95, or about $28.22.

For those who can’t get to the U.K. right away, mac and cheese pizza is easy to find or make in the United States. The chain Cici’s Pizza carries a pie topped with cheesy noodles, while recipes for mac and cheese pizza are readily available through Pinterest and food blogs. Be sure to check out your local bar or gourmet pizza places for the mac and cheese option as well.