Opt For A Hassle Free Recovering Experience With EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data recovery software is one of the finest data recovery software available today. The software has amassed a great amount of positive reviews from people all around the globe. It has maintained a great position among other data recover software due to the various features it offers, inside of an easy to use interface.

EaseUS Data recovery software free allows a person to recover their lost files, whether they lost it a day ago or a few weeks ago. Gone are the days when you permanently lost a file due to some error or problem. EaseUS can help you get out of your data loss problem in a few minutes, with its powerful tools.

Recover from everywhere

The software allows recovery from situations such as hard disk failure, OS failure, virus attacks, network attacks, lost partition etc. The software also supports secondary devices, such as flash drive, hard disk, CD, DVD, MP3 etc. The data can be recovered from all such devices, and laptops with a few clicks.

How it restores files

The software allows for a person to have hassle-free experience, with its convenient interface. It does so by making everything much simpler. For instance, when you first open the software, it readily asks you to choose the file type that you wish to search for. 6 options are available for the user to choose from. As soon as the user chooses one, it asks the user to choose the drive that he/she wants to search the file from. These 2 selection greatly filters the search material and area, which allows to cut down the overall search time. Any lost partition is also displayed on this screen.

Search Procedure

Afterwards, when you initiate the search, the software commences the quick search mode. The quick search mode finds out any files that have been recently deleted or emptied from the recycle bin. This mode is quick and reliable, and will offer you results in a few minutes. If your desired file is not found in this mode, you can opt to go for deep scan mode. Inside of this mode, the software thoroughly searches the memory for any lost file. Due to this, it may take some time to search for all lost files. Once finished, it displays all the lost files on the screen.

While on this screen, you can click on the files to preview the content inside. This is a great feature of this software, which allows you to see the content before restoring it. Particularly, it is useful when you are not sure about the file name and wants to restore it based on the content inside. On this screen, you can also filter results by the file type and can also restore multiple files in a single go.

Download for Free

EaseUS data file recovery software avails strong tools to the users to recover all sorts of files and folders. If you have recently lost your important files, this is the software you should go for. It is available for free, and can easily be downloaded from the official website of the company. Other than this, it also comes in 3 paid packages with additional features and technical support.