Metro Detroit talks about: Best gaming experiences

Last week we discussed some of 1d4 writers’ favorite experiences in gaming, and we asked you to tell us about yours. The responses were wonderful! Here are our two favorite stories from last week. If you have a great gaming story, tell us at the bottom and we may feature it in our next “Talks About”!

Lauren – Multi-day tournament with a college quarterback

Mario Cart 64 – The time I started & won a Mario Cart 64 tournament that lasted DAYS in college. I missed class, forfeited sleep & played until the sun came up. Ended up beating almost 50 people including a promising new quarterback. Despite having a big game the next day we played until we broke the console! He ended up doing awesome at the football game the next night despite not having slept at all. I still consider myself the winner to this day & he says we still need a proper rematch.

Rick – The Alamo with giant fighting robots

Titan Fall- I was playing by myself I think but the match was going really well. I’m not much for FPS’s so I often don’t expect to do well. While my team was just barely holding any points on the map I went for the mid point.

I defended it against the enemy team. Took two of them out on foot, dropped my Titan on another, got into a fight with two of their Titans as they started to come for the point, ended up fighting one of those Titans into a corner. After pinning it down I self-destructed my Titan, ejected at the last moment, landed just behind (and killed) one of the other other enemy players, and then cleared another one out before getting run over by another titan.