iOS 11 beta – How to download Apple’s new operating system before official release date

Apple iOS 11

Apple iOS 11APPLE

Apple iOS 11 has been released and here’s how to download the beta version

iOS 11 has now officially been unveiled with this new operating system bringing a swathe of improvements to the iPhone and iPad.

This latest OS is packed with new features including improvements to Apple’s Siri smart assistant, better photography features and even the ability to send cash to your friends via Apple Pay.

A one-handed keyboard, improved Apple Maps and customisable Control Centre are also included in this blockbuster update.

If you own an iPad there’s also a new dock feature which can be filled your most recent and favourite apps plus iOS 11 helps improve multitasking on this popular tablet.

The option to drag and drop is another improvement coming to the iPad and, if you own a Pro model, Apple’s Pencil gets some more features including being able to mark up screen grabs and documents.

There’s no official release date for iOS 11 but it’s expected to be available to download from September.

However, there is a very easy way to get this major update before anyone else.

Every year Apple allows users to sign up to its beta programme.

This test software gives the US technology giant an insight into how their new software is performing before it’s released to the masses.

So, if you fancy trying out iOS 11 here’s a guide to getting involved in the beta test.