Final Fantasy 15 PC to support 8K resolutions

“Gameplay-wise, it’s the same game,” says global brand manager Raio Mitsuno. “Obviously we’re using a lot of tech from Gameworks so from a visual standpoint and a technology standpoint it’s the highest end version of Final Fantasy 15, but the gameplay experience is no different from console versions.

The announcement video looks lush, but will those of us with low or mid-tier rigs get close to that? “We can say now that FF15 on PC supports native 4K and also up to 8K, as well as HDR 10. But we haven’t really revealed anything like minimum specs yet because we’re developing at such a high end which means we can’t really define it with current standards now.

“At some point we will publish the recommended and minimum specs, but we can’t say exactly what they are at the moment.”

Global brand director Akio Ofuji, translated by Raio, explains that the addition of first-person mode is an attempt to meet the expectations of a PC audience.

“Obviously when developing for PC we have to keep in mind the demographic and players that play on PC and what they’re looking for. From from a technological standpoint, we’re trying to meet their standards and obviously when we think about PC gamers we put in a first-person camera mode in the PC version.

“We’re doing stuff to cater to the PC audience and we hope that by appealing to what they’re used to, that’ll bring them into the franchise and make them into fans of Final Fantasy.”

Are you ready to be made into a fan of Final Fantasy?  15 is a high fantasy roadtrip starring four chums who like to beat up wildlife. Having beaten up all the wildlife on PS4, I am looking forward to doing it again at 8K resolution with state-of-the-art fur technology—those beautiful shaggy mammoths are going down. It has its flaws, but it’s the best Final Fantasy in years and who doesn’t want another 100 hour open world RPG in their lives?

[ Source : pcgamer ]