FIFA 19 Career Mode, Pro Clubs Will Have No Major Changes

FIFA 19 Career Mode, Pro Clubs Will Have No Major Changes


  • FIFA 19 is out September 28
  • No new changes in Career Mode, Pro Clubs
  • Champions League integration the lone big thing

FIFA 19 will feature no major changes for Career Mode or Pro Clubs, EA Sports has said. That’s down to the annual release cycle of the franchise in combination with a focus on the money-making Ultimate Team, the final chapter of the story-focused The Journey and bringing UEFA licenses – including Champions League – into the fold.

Speaking to GameSpot at Gamescom 2018, FIFA 19 lead gameplay producer Sam Rivera said the only big thing for Career Mode is the Champions League: “In terms of Career Mode, we decided to make sure the experience with the Champions League was 100% authentic. When it’s Champions League day, everything changes — [there’s a] reskin. That was our highest priority.”

Beyond that, FIFA 19 Career Mode will see a few small new features such as locker room cutscenes, the availability of Ultimate difficulty, and a club badge star if you win the Champions League, EA told GameSpot.

Pro Clubs, the online-only mode which allows for 11v11 matches, will see even less. It won’t get Champions League integration.

“But we are listening to our fans. They’ve been requesting more stuff, bigger stuff, in terms of Career Mode [and] in terms of Pro Clubs,” Rivera added. “There’s discussions right now to see what can be added in the future. We know it’s a very passionate community. At the moment, that’s all we’re announcing for those modes. We are actively having conversations, listening to [the community] to see what else we can bring to those modes.”

It makes financial sense for EA to focus its efforts, given Ultimate Team brings in hundreds of millions each year in revenue while The Journey – whose past efforts have been middling affairs – captures the headlines. That said, FIFA 18 Career Mode did have a couple of flashy new additions, with the Frostbite engine powering interactive transfer negotiations and video news clips.