Company Announces Development of Open Source Software For Blockchain Operating System

Ethereum blockchain OS

On May 22, 2017, blockchain developer announced it was developing open source software for EOS – a new blockchain operating system designed for commercial decentralized applications. As per Brendan Blumer, CEO, “Corporations that build applications on top of EOS can take advantage of the security, authenticity and transparency of the blockchain to build and support global-scale decentralized projects.”

The software will make use of the asynchronous communication between executable distributed code contracts and parallel processing to support blockchain applications and transactions. Daniel Larimer, chief technology officer of, tells ETHNews that the software seeks to offer a new alternative to current systems while simultaneously staying within the status quo. “We want to enable development of commercial scale decentralized applications that are indistinguishable in terms of user experience from the centralized alternatives,” he said.

Furthermore, users of EOS’s software will not need to pay transaction costs. These free transactions give users new to the blockchain ecosystem a chance to gain familiarity with the technology without having to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Blumer explained:

“Existing applications such as exchanges and social media already service millions of customers daily and require a platform that can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. With EOS, we are building software to allow businesses to build their applications using an architecture similar to modern website frameworks. This would allow a whole range of businesses to use the blockchain, similar to the way that the computing era exploded after Microsoft Windows enabled developers to build interoperable software.”