Best travel gadgets 2017

IF YOU’RE AN international jet setter, regular train commuter or even more of an ‘I’ll just use my legs’ type, there are few journeys that aren’t made better with the help of some trusty gadgets.

These days, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), gadgets are now both smart and portable enough to keep us entertained for hours while we get from A to B.

So whether it’s something to keep you occupied on public transport, or help you pass the time on long haul business journeys; here’s our rundown of the best travel gadgets available right now that no tech fan can travel without.

Lenovo Yoga Book
From £449.99 at


If you’re always on the road and you\re in the market for a laptop and tablet convertible device with a twist, you should have a gander at the  Lenovo Yoga Book, a fresh take on tablet design aimed at the creatives among us.

What makes the Yoga Book unique is its zero-travel backlit touch Halo keyboard, which doubles up as a digitizer so you can draw or write using a stylus. There’s also a Real Pen feature, allowing you to switch from a digital to an ink tip to record a digital copy of whatever you draw or write on real paper.

It’s also super slim and super light, measuring 9.6mm thick and weighing just 690g, perfect for throwing in a small rucksack for those short business trips. Despite its tiny size, it packs a powerful punch. Under the hood there’s an Intel Atom quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM.

£99 at Beeline


Beeline is a universal bike attachment that sits on your handlebars, connects to your phone’s GPS and tells you which directions to turn if you don’t have a clue where you are going. Sunlight readable, backlit display, water and shock resistant, and weeks of use on a single charge: this nifty little gadget is the perfect for those that like to travel by bike, or hire a bike on their travels.

It doesn’t give you turn-by-turn directions, but simply tells you how far away you are from your destination in miles or kilometres, alongside an arrow that – like a compass – tells if you’re going in the right direction or not. Perfect for travels to unfamiliar places.  It’s also easy to attach thanks to its silicon casing with built-in mount strap, and charges up with a standard micro-USB plug.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Optical Mouse
£29.99 at Amazon


If a trackpad is your worst enemy and you’ve got enough room on your aeroplane’s tray table, then the Logitech silent optical mouse is ideal in those situations where you need to remain as quiet as a, err, mouse. Just think; the person sitting next to you will thank you for not disturbing them with annoying clicks that you’re bound to get their inflight meal leftovers as a reward.

In terms of features, the Logitech M330 touts a 90 percent reduction in clicking noise and a smooth scroll wheel, a wireless connection up to 10m away thanks to a plug-and-forget nano receiver, and Advanced Optical Tracking tech for more precise moves on almost any surface. It works with Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS computers with no installation or drivers required, too.

Olloclip iPhone 7 clip-on camera
From £99.99 at Olloclip


Want to take better quality travel snaps on your iPhone than anyone else? Then look no further than the OlloClip, the best camera accessory for the iPhone hands down. It offers four different lens settings: Fisheye, for a unique 180-degree spherical effect, Super-wide, a 4-element lens with over 120° field-of-view, Super-Wide lens for almost double the field-of-view of iPhone’s native camera, and Macro, for close-up snaps with 15x the detail. Phew.

The clip-on cam also comes with a lanyard that not only ensures you won’t lose it, but will be in easy reach when you need to take a super quick snap before the moment ends.

Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless In-Ear Headphones
£169.99 from Argos


Not only technically are these elegant sand-blasted metal earphones something that you adorn, but their high-quality sound and weightlessness will have you thinking they are the latest in cutting edge technology.

The Jaybird Freedom F5’s in-ear speaker design reduces the speaker housing diameter while maintaining a really good sound performance. This makes them super light, meaning you won’t even feel like you’re wearing them. This innovation allows for a drastic reduction in overall bud size that ensures a universal fit while being comfortable for any activity while out and about. They also look pretty cool, too.